Friday, July 01, 2005

Bookworm Report, June 2005

This month was a good month for reading as I finished some of the novels I've been reading over the last several months. I'm not happy unless reading a couple of books at a time. For the month of June, I read 4,083 pages or 13 books. In 2001, I read 3,401 pages/7 books; 2002, 1,975 pages/5 books; 2003, 2,560 pages/7 books; 2004, 2,608 pages/6 books.

For the year, I've read 50 books, or 17,377 pages, which averages to 8 books a month, or 2,896 pages per month, and an average book length of 348 pages. Have a great holiday weekend, celebrate our freedoms and remember those who sacrificed for us.

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