Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Power of The People

The PledgeBank has a great concept for helping others. A person posts a pledge to do something (plant trees, loose weight, spread goodwill) but will only do it if enough other people promise to do the same. The site is based in the UK. The generosity of people is astonding. Here's a couple of pledges that were recently completed: Jenny Marlowe will stop using plastic carrier bags at the supermarket, and use reusable cloth bags instead but only if 30 other people will too. Matthew Jones will start a wikipedia page but only if 10 people will too. And some that need support: Simon Holledge will have 10 trees planted to offset my total carbon dioxide emissions for 2005 but only if 99 other people will too. (193 days left, 11 more signatures needed) Caroline Skinner will donate £200 to Breast Cancer Campaign through www.justgiving.com/CarolineSkinner but only if 20 other people will each donate £10 through the same website. (30 days left, 10 more signatures needed)

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