Monday, July 11, 2005

The English Major in Me...

...missed reading Victorian Literature so I picked up The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl. I read one of Dante's comedies during college and enjoyed wading through the historical weightiness of the piece. The idea of murders based on the works on Dante during Civil War Boston made a fascinating combination. The book moved fast for the first fifty pages and the last fifty definitely made the inbetween worth it. The middle was hard to digest. The characters are familiar American writers, including, James Russell Lowell, Oliver Wendell Holmes and publisher James Fields. Mr Pearl has a website, The Dante Club, to keep fans up to date. After I finished the novel, I started a bookray on Book Crossing. It will eventually end up in Europe. I miss reading books like this. I need to dig into the Victorian Era of writing. I know that when I was an English Lit major still, I bought books with wild abandon. I'm sure that if I dig through my boxes, I find a dozen of titles that I have yet to read, besides the others that are worth re-reading.

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