Friday, March 16, 2007

Thursday Next: Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde

Title: Thursday Next in Lost in a Good Book

Author: Jasper Fforde

Genre: Fantasy

Summary: Landen Parke-Laine is being held hostage by the Goliath Corporation. In fact, he's been eradicated unless Thursday Next does exactly what they say.

The Take-Away: The literary jokes are even better in this title than the first, Thursday Next: The Eyre Affair. Thursday's noteriety has brought some great PR to SpecOps. Is it because of or in spite of Cordelia Flakk? One of the ideas that Thursday has thus far failed to fulfill is the Thursday Next Workout Video.

Goliath Corporation resented the loss of the Prose Portal. They want Thursday to finish the work that her uncle Mycroft started before he retired. Instead, Thursday is recruited into a secret organization that exists only in books. There, she apprentices with one of literatures most memberable figures -- Miss Havisham. Under her tutelage, Thursday learns the fine art of book jumping.

While she doesn't rescue Landen in this title, she does discover how the earth was formed and her own intricate role in its life.

And I found out that her father's name is never mentioned.

Recommendation: If you're tempted to read this title, definitely start with The Eyre Affair. Read out of order at your own risk.

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