Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Blade Itself by Marcus Sakey

Title: The Blade Itself

Author: Marcus Sakey

Genre: Thriller

Summary: Danny Carter's ex-partner has just been released from prison and figures that he is owed for the time he spent behind bars. Evan found Danny and explains how Danny can balance the books by pulling one more job.

The Take-Away: Excellent first novel. Sakey captured the seedy southside as well as how Danny Carter has grown out of it. Two of the supporting characters were female; Sakey drew them distinctly while maintaining good female traits. Not always readily done and I appreciated his time and effort to make these characters right.

One part of the story that I did question was Danny Carter's reluctance to go to the police. The robbery that Evan was imprisoned for was more than 7 years ago. I was under the impression that the statue of limitations for most crimes was 7 years. Carter didn't fear retribution from going to the police, but being convicted of the crime his ex-partner had served time for. Given the time spent on the two female side characters, I felt shorted on this plot point. Perhaps I'm wrong. Maybe the statue is longer.

Sakey has a two book contract, but don't expect to see Danny Carter again. I had the opportunity to attend a book signing where the question was brought up. Sakey promises that this is a stand-alone thriller.

Recommendation: Read it.

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