Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Blueberry Soup by Scribbit

Blueberry Soup isn't something found at my house. But I can see it's appeal for the Alaskan winter that Scribbit faces. She explains where she got the recipe, as well as what her family thinks of it.

I doubt that mine would even try it, should I make it. I'm tempted, I must admit. The antioxidants alone would make it worth while. Combine that with the promises of "filling" and I'm thinking through the ingredients and what can I tell my family to make them consider it.

Maybe if I served it with a side of ice cream...


scribbit said...

Ice cream might bring them in. The sweetness of it might win them over. Thanks for mentioning the recipe, we sure love it.

slpenney said...

I've bookmarked a couple of the recipes for a day when I have time and inclination to try something complicated and new. Some of them sound so fabulous.