Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I'm totally stealling the title of this post from Sharon Long of Writeminded because she had a fab post a few days ago.

So there’s a question that has been bugging me for quite some time. In recent weeks, I’ve seen the subject of my question being discussed on loops and blogs, and it still makes my comfort level plummet. So I want to ask you readers out there my question.

When you read a book, and we’ll use as an example, an erotic romance, maybe even one that is quite provocative. Maybe it pushes the envelope. Do you speculate as to whether or not the author is incorporating her own sexual fantasies into the book?

While I don't write erotica (yet, because the market is hot and I might want to try to jump on that ship), I have had the extremely uncomfortable experience of someone assuming the character was me.

Unfortunately for the person, they knew me and commented on their incorrect observation in what they assumed was a joking matter. It wasn't and I blew.

(The observation directly related to the contest I won (I WON! I WON) and the main character. It was probably an unfair sort of reaction, but frankly, it earned the person the right to not be on my reader's list and I chose to take the opportunity to say such. What can I say? I wasn't have a good day and that was the breaking point.)

But I know that I've read blogs of authors, read their books and said to myself, "Huh, that was the author speaking there, not the character."

I agree with Sharon. My life is so uninteresting that any sort of reality based story would bore most to tears. Unless the find the antics of potty training Pickle-Boy and the never ending litany of Star Wars facts from Ollie good entertainment.

To wrap up this long winded post when some sort of meaningful tag line, yes, I am offended when people assume that a character is me. Or didn't you read my poem?

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