Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Short Story Fix

Fictional Musings is a great place to check in and discover new shorts by published and unpublished authors. Two Peas is the sort of story that makes it doubly hard for me to write a new submission; it's just so damn good.

Soccer practice was over. One by one, parents came by, picked up their kids and drove away. Eventually only two boys were left waiting for their rides.

Troy sat on the bench, his new uniform only slightly grass stained, his expensive tennis shoes still shiny. Jack huddled on the curb, his uniform a collection of stains, rips and clumsy sewing repairs. His shoelaces had several knots in them where the breaks had been tied back together.

Great hook. I want to know what's going to happen between these two very obviously mismatched kids. Will they fight? Ignore each other? Solve the problem of world peace?

The story development is tight and enlightening. I hadn't thought about the point the author makes and I'm grateful that he brought it up so I could think about it.

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