Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Cake To Me

That's how my 2yo sings it. Obviously the important part of the birthday is the cake.

Regardless, though, May 19th marks the first day of the third year of Raspberry-Latte. Or, Raspberry-Latte turns two today. This was my first post. This was my post marking the end of the first year.

I started because I wanted to learn a little about HTML. I gained a small audience. Average Jane was one of the first blogs to link to me. Now Google shows that 207 others do too.

Once I had that audience, I tried to figure out why they were reading my words. I wasn't funny like Heather or good at finding interesting things like J-Walk. But reading me they were. Now I have a slightly larger following, and I'm pretty sure that email quizzes and book reviews are the reason for the initial visit. Some even decide to book mark me.

Now, I know a decent amount of HTML. At least, enough to get myself into trouble and realize, yes, a back-up template is a good thing. I've even influenced a few others to start blogs. (Hi, Ruth, Bethany, Tom, Kelli, and Jaimie!) I've made some great friends who I've never met in person. And some that I have or will soon.

I'm crazy enough each November to participate in NaNoWriMo and post my results here. I have short stories posted at Fictional Musings. I submitted my synopsis to Miss Snark and learned that it wasn't ready for the big leagues yet. I've gotten some great advice from Jory Des Jardin and her mother.

Every day I read posts about people's lives and I feel like I know them. Or the pieces that they share. Really, I could devote hundreds of words about them, but all you need to do is take a side trip through my blogroll. If they're in there, I'm reading 'em.

Honestly, I'm amazed and surprised that I've been doing this for two years. My baby is the same age, yet every day I can look at him and see the changes. Same with my 6yo stepson. This is something I pour myself into, hoping that they will someday realize I'm more than their housekeeper, finder of all things lost, and errand girl extraordinary. And to remind myself too.

Thanks for celebrating with me.

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