Monday, May 01, 2006

Bookworm Report, April 2006

The rainy weather seriously has to go. I need to ride bike. Have you seen the price of gas lately? (Of course, duh.) On a side note, the reading decreased because the writing increase. I wrote 15,000 words last month and brought my total to just over 42,000.

I read too much, I know.

Bookworm Review
Year Pages Books
2001 3,027 15
2002 1,858 3
2003 2,589 6
2004 1,166 3
2005 2,606 8
2006 2,880 8

For the year, I've read 45 books, or 14,668 pages, which averages to 11 books a month, or 3,667 pages per month, and an average book length of 326 pages.

I've been reading more non-fiction, like I told myself I would. But I find that it's more thoughtful and slower than my fiction reading. I'm in the middle of four different non-fiction books and believe that one of them will be finished this month.

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