Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Eagles Brood by Jack Whyte

Title: The Eagles Brood

Author: Jack Whyte

Genre: Fantasy

Summary: The story of Camulod is told by Caius Merlyn Britannicus. He learns the history of the Colony through the writings of Varrus, the previous narrator. The destiny of the Colony is in the hands of Uther Pendragon and Merlyn.

The Take-Away: I always label this as fantasy, because, it's Arthurian Legend. Why wouldn't it be fantasy? This is the first title, thought, that hints at the fantastical elements. The others have truly been historical fiction.

Merlyn begins his life as a soldier in training and works his way through the ranks until he is the commander of the Colony. He has an idealistic view of the world, often irritating Uther, who sees the world in shades of gray instead of Merlyn's black and white view.

The developing Roman Church and the Colony's views of Christianity clash in the title. I enjoyed reading the application of the historical conflict that I studied in a previous life. It made me wish I could talk to one of my college professors about the books.

Merlyn didn't seems anything like the other legends I've read. Granted, it hasn't been many, and mostly by Rosalind Miles but I kept thinking, he's a wizard, a magician, not a soldier.

Thankfully, Whyte had the foresight to provide clues to dispeal those doubts. I didn't totally buy into his transformation, but the rest of it is so elegantly crafted that I'll overlook it.

Recommendation: Start at the beginning and read the series. Whyte really brings something new to the Arthur legends.

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