Thursday, April 21, 2005

Terrible Book Alert

Wanted: One Groom by Pat Ballard was one of the most unrealistic and hard to swallow books I've ever read. The premise is the main character, Hanna Rockwell, needs to get married and fast if she wants to inherit her grandfather's riches. Plot twists include extra-marital affairs, ex-rock star comebacks and finding true love through arranged marriages. The one good thing about the book was Hanna represented a real woman with weight issues. The bad side to this issue is the way her brother reacts to her imperfection. I couldn't buy it. He was nasty and insulting in a thoroughly unbelievable fashion. The arranged marriage theme is cute, if you are a teenager or young adult. I could truly imagine having enjoyed this book when I was thirteen or fourteen, but not as an adult. It's books like this that make me believe that my own writing efforts can find a voice, an audience and a publishing contract.

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