Monday, April 18, 2005

100 Things

  1. I love my husband, regardless of how much we argue
  2. We have two little boys
  3. They grow up too fast
  4. We might have another
  5. Randy is for it and I'm against it
  6. I don't think I could stand the noise
  7. But I really like babies
  8. Especially when they are asleep
  9. I love to read
  10. I take vacation days and spend them reading instead of vacationing
  11. I pretend that I'm an Excel geek
  12. People at work believe me
  13. I make their lives much easier through simple things
  14. I pretend that they are interested in how I did it
  15. Really, they just want me to be available to do it again
  16. I keep track of my reading list in Excel
  17. As a result, I have lots of information that is totally useless
  18. Just like everyone else on the web
  19. I really believe that I am capable of writing a book that is worthy of publishing
  20. I fear that it will take me the next forty-two years to write it
  21. I secretly teach my boys to like computer games
  22. Just to piss off my husband
  23. He thinks that they should be outside
  24. I think that they need to be normal
  25. My boys like computer games
  26. But I make them go outside too
  27. We like to go for bike rides
  28. Sometimes, we even go really fast
  29. Family is important to me
  30. Especially since my own family lives two states away
  31. I have a secret stash of chocolate in my house
  32. It is for emergencies only
  33. It gets raided every day
  34. I have a black lab and a brown cocker spaniel
  35. The cocker spaniel gets to live only because he is my oldest's
  36. He eats too many shoes for me to like him
  37. The dog, not the kid
  38. We like pets
  39. But we only have dogs and fish
  40. I won't let my husband have a duck
  41. One day, I'm going to own a duck
  42. The three men in my life will conspire against me and get one
  43. Thankfully that day is very far away
  44. My eyes are blue
  45. Sometimes they look green
  46. Or gray
  47. My left eye is smaller than my right one
  48. But I don't look weird or anything
  49. I'm a Harry Potter fan
  50. I've read the first book about 15 times
  51. I figure that's a testimony to its worth
  52. Not something for me to be embarassed about
  53. Others think that I should be embarrassed
  54. I detest novels by Charles Dickens
  55. I firmly believe that he is a prime example of what happens when authors are paid by the word
  56. I adore Jane Austen
  57. Emma is my favorite
  58. But I've read Pride and Prejudice more
  59. I am uninhibited when it comes to buying books for my kids
  60. My house contains between 200-500 hundred books
  61. Numbers like that occur when I use Excel to track things like books
  62. I have abandoned my fantasy novel
  63. I figure, if I'm not interested in it, why would anyone else be
  64. If Bethany reads this, she is going to demand the ending for it
  65. I suck at writing titles for books
  66. I once wrote a 50,000 word novel in one month's time
  67. I plan on doing it again
  68. I've never read it, except during its conception
  69. It's half auto-biographical
  70. What it might contain scares me
  71. But I'm positive that it contains some brilliant purple prose
  72. HTML used to scare me
  73. I started blogging as a means to force myself to learn it
  74. I like HTML
  75. I am going to re-do my template sometime soon
  76. To me, HTML is like punctuation
  77. Generally, it comes out the way it should
  78. Occasionally, I make huge mistakes
  79. When I make a mistake, it's a pretty simple one and everybody recognizes it
  80. My husband tries very hard not to laugh when I do this
  81. I love to rummage sale
  82. I can find the best kids clothes at them
  83. Kids clothes are too expensive to buy new always
  84. I'm cheap
  85. I like the big neighborhood ones where I can wear my kids out by walking for two or three hours
  86. I bribe them with toys while we do this
  87. Bribery is good training
  88. Paychecks are bribery
  89. I need chairs for my three seasons porch
  90. My quest is to find them at a rummage sale
  91. I was married in Las Vegas
  92. I would highly recommend it to anyone
  93. We were not married by Elvis
  94. I want to go back there to renew my vows
  95. I have four television shows I watch faithfully -- Las Vegas, Alias, Eyes and The O.C.
  96. I've been to Sweat, South Dakota
  97. I'm never going back
  98. I would live in England, if I could live anywhere I wanted with my family
  99. I want to go to Italy for my 15th wedding anniversary
  100. I'm just enough of a geek to update this list within a year

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