Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Recent Activities

As most Americans, I'm some what out of shape, spend too much time in front of a screen (whether it be a tv or monitor) and not enough time being active. Tell you what, keeping up with two mobile kids is taking its toll. I decided that since my employer is nice enough to let me out of work by 4 pm most days and the time of darkness by 4:30 is past, I would take up a new activity -- bike riding. My biggest problem was the age of my bike combined with toting around one of the afore mentioned small children on daily basis. A trip to Wheel and Sprocket quickly put an end to whatever misgivings I may have harbored. The last time I bought a brand spankin' new bike I was living in a tiny town in the back woods of South Dakota and thought Roxette was the coolest band in the world. Things have changed. My new bike has shock absorbers on it, folks. Do you have any idea what shocks are like on a bike? It makes the river-side trails enjoyable. I didn't get a mountain bike, but a hybrid called a Navigator. It has some of the great things about a mountain bike (bumpy wheels that are great for gripping) combined with the smooth racing bike (quick shifting and light weight). The staff was fantastic. When I walked it, I'm sure I didn't look like the normal bike enthusiast. But the salesman (who's name escapes me. Sorry, but I do know that he is really the head mechanic) was patient with our questions, explained the differences, asked what I'd be using the bike for and recommended the appropriate safety equipment since I would also be hauling a child carrier. I've taken my bike out about four times in the last two weeks, each time riding for more than 3 miles, usually closer to 6 or 7. It has been a fantastic way to explore the city. I live on the west side of town, near West High. This prime location makes many of the trails along the creek and river readily available. While sidewalks and busy streets are a necessary evil that I am adjusting to, I love these trails. So does my riding buddy, comfortable and cozy from his perch in the carrier, while guzzling his cup of chocolate milk. If you see someone who might be me, say hi.

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