Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #6: The Lipstick Chronicles

The Lipstick Chronicles is probably my favorite blog in the blogosphere. It's either them or Dooce. Post for post, Lipstick Chronicles has me laughing outloud.

My 13 favorite posts from the Lipstick Chronicles:

  1. Seven Deadly Sins.
  2. Celebrity Therapy
  3. Of Babies and Boardrooms
  4. Measuring an Inseam
  5. How to Proofread the Pages of Your Novel
  6. Never Ski with Your Doctor
  7. Another "F" Word
  8. Sluts
  9. Guerilla Signings
  10. My Big Fat Outrage
  11. What Questions to Ask Before Getting Married
  12. Sexy Hair
  13. Insomnia

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jenny said...

great list! i don't truly understand all of it...but it's interesting!

slpenney said...

Jenny---It's the titles of their posts. If you click on any of them, you can read the posts. I love their writing.

Molly said...

Nice blog! And thanks for the links.