Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #5: Word of the Day

Word of the Day calendars, emails, websites, etc. seem like a good idea to increase vocabulary, but are they? The following list was developed from the one I receive daily, subscribe to through Bloglines or found in my calendar.

  1. oleaginous: 1. resembling or having the properties of oil : oily; also : containing or producing oil; 2. marked by an offensively ingratiating manner or quality.
  2. cudgel: 1. A short heavy stick used as a weapon; a club; 2. To beat with or as if with a cudgel.
  3. eonism: 1.Adoption of female clothing and manners by a male.
  4. miscible: 1.Capable of being mixed; specifically : capable of mixing in any ratio without separation of two phases
  5. cadge: 1.beg, sponge
  6. pettifogger: 1. A petty, unscrupulous lawyer; a shyster. 2. A person who quibbles over trivia. .
  7. nonce: 1. Occurring, used, or made only once or for a special occasion.
  8. hesternal: 1. Of yesterday.
  9. looby: 1. An awkward, clumsy, lazy fellow.
  10. athenaeum: 1. A library or reading room. 2. A literary or scientific club.
  11. insouciant: 1. Happily unconcerned; carefree; nonchalant.
  12. invious: 1. Pathless; untrodden; inaccessible.
  13. rhinorrhea: 1.A runny nose.

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Miranda said...

Wow those are some big words. lol.

I may just use rhinorrhea and looby.

THanks for sharing. Happy TT!

Rashenbo said...

Great words! :) Thanks for sharing.

scribbit said...

I love that the word for runny nose is like diarrhea.

Christie said...

Oh rhinorrhea sounds unfortunate. great list! i officially knew none of them!