Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Enigma by Robert Harris

Title: Enigma

Author: Robert Harris

Genre: Thriller

Summary: The British Allies are facing pressure from the American forces to break Enigma again. The return of star codebreaker Thomas Jericho coinsidences with the disappearance of his ex-lover, who he suspects was a traitor.

The Take-Away: Even though the math was over my head, the discussion of it was built up so expertly, I trusted the characters. And, it only covered a small part of the book. The plot's focus instead was on the missing girl and getting back into Enigma after the Germans change the code books.

The two plots don't cross. Jericho doesn't need the missing Claire to crack the code, and it only side tracks him a bit. A very minor plot point was overlooked when Jericho contradicts his supervisor in front of the Americans. It's a temporary conflict that wasn't exploited to the max. I would have rather seen that then all of the doings with Claire.

Recommendation: Good, if you like historical thrillers.

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