Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Black Unicorn by Terry Brooks

Title: The Black Unicorn

Author: Terry Brooks

Genre: Fantasy

Summary: The previous owner wants his magic kingdom back.

The Take-Away: A nice follow-up, but I'm going to spoil a couple of things if you haven't read the first one.

While it was great to see the lengths to which the wizard Meeks would go to get the kingdom back from Ben Holiday (the lawyer from Chicago.) In fact, since Meeks never really intended for Holiday to stay, he was quite determined to get the kingdom back.

After Meeks deceives Holiday and gets back to Landover, Holiday's adventure highlights how well he is ruling the kingdom, and getting the disjointed factions back to working together. Part of me wonders how well this is going. Part of me realizes that this wouldn't be the best storyline for Brooks to follow, even though I'm more curious than what was answered in the book. The havoc with the reluctantly-previous owner is quite rightly the focus.

Recommendation: While I liked the first one better, the second in the series isn't the failsafe for continuing -- Book Three is (regardless of the series.) Since I haven't read that one yet, I can't give this one an accurate shakedown.

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