Thursday, December 14, 2006

Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maas

Title: Writing the Breakout Novel

Author: Donald Maas

Genre: Non-Fiction

Summary: NYC agent Donald Maas relays his strategies for nurturing his authors from the mid-list to the breakout list

The Take-Away: Some really great advice for authors of all levels. My personal favorite maxim is "Conflict on every page." I have the worst time with conflict in my novels. But after reading about the various things Maas has told his authors or the examples he picked, I have ideas how to do it in my own manuscript.

The one downside to the book is the publication date -- 2000. It's just a little too old, given the current political stage and events that occurred just after it was published. It shows in the writing, and I would be interested in an updated edition. A few places were jarring even, and should be corrected.

Recommendation: If you're wondering what your novel is missing, get it. It makes for a great read and a good reference book.

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