Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Glasswrights' Progress by Mindy L Klasky

Title: The Glasswrights' Progress

Author: Mindy L Klasky

Genre: Fiction

Summary: Rani Trader has sworn to rebuild the Glasswrights' guild but the succession of the throne has been challenged again.

The Take-Away: Rani is older, and a better judge of character. Other characters tell the tale, as well, and circle around to the main conflict. The kingdom to the North has been building its army for years, an army of children called the Little Army.

Rani befriends a general in the Army. Between them and with the assistance of the Touched girl Mai, the war is won with minimal damage or loss of men.

One point I enjoyed the most about both novels was the world built. It was the feel of fantasy, but I don't recall any magic being performed. Instead, it could be an alternate historical setting, but I'm not quite sure which is it. Enjoyable, nonetheless.

Recommendation: Pick it up after starting with The Glasswrights' Apprentice.

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