Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dead Until Dark by Charlene Harris

Title: Dead Until Dark

Author: Charlene Harris

Genre: Fantasy

Summary: Vampires may have obtained legal status in the USA, but not everyone is as open minded as Sookie Stackhouse when Bill the Vampire moves into his family home.

The Take-Away: This is the first in a series. I learned of them from The Lipstick Chronicles, when they featured the most recent release as part of their online book club.

The story was sweet, but the writing was still rough. I'm interested in reading more about Sookie and her growing yet tentative relationship with Bill. The storyline, with the dead bodies typically found in vampire literature, was twisted with two points that I really liked.

First, Sookie isn't your normal small town waitress. She can read minds. She doesn't want to, but when the police start questioning her brother as a suspect in the murders of two women, she uses her ability to assist. To no avail, frequently, but she does try.

Second, Sookie's brother isn't your normal sidekick brother. He's the scummy guy that you'd warn your best friend against. I liked that good-hearted Sookie had this sort of skeleton wandering around town, instead of hanging around in her closet.

Recommendation: I'm checking out the second in the series. This title only gets a so-so recommendation. It's not bad, but neither is it fab. I'll let you know if you can start with the second one or if it is imperative to start at the very beginning.

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