Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Red State of Mind

Title: A Red State of Mind

Author: Nancy French

Genre: Non-Fiction

Summary: A Rebublican and good-standing member of the church takes a stab at explaining what it is like to live with people who are her political and spiritual opposites.

The Take-Away: Nancy tells a great story. As you read, her Southern drawl comes through the menanderings of the story. She sticks to the point, but uses highlights to illustrate the big point she makes.

One of my favorite parts of the books is when she discusses politics with a friend. All along Nancy sees it as an open discussion, two adults debating the merits of each others beliefs. Until Nancy realizes that her friend is trying to get her to see the light and convert. Except that it wasn't religion, but Republican versus Democrat. Watching Nancy handle the debate and the continued friendship was fantastic.

Recommendation: Get it and see for yourself what it's like to live among your polar opposites.

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