Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Life Takes an Interesting Turn

For my NaNo minions who started reading my blog, the careful readers of yesterday's post, and my long time friends, Life Has Been Stressful.

Not because I've been ramping up for the holidays, or drafting 50,000 words in one month. Not because I'm a mom and work full time. Not because I'm waiting for my grad school acceptance. No, none of the easy things in life.

Instead, I interviewed for a new job, at one of my current employer's other companies. The new position interests me, it's a great career step, it's in Minnesota.

That last one was the problem. I can't move my family because of Ollie, my stepson. The offer worked out so that I'll be able to manage a weekly commute. My husband is 120% supportive (otherwise it wouldn't have worked.) It will be tough, but accepting it made more sense that not accepting it.

So have a round on me and celebrate.

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