Friday, July 07, 2006

Writing It Right

Holly Lisle has a great new feature to her e-store. She has started a series called Writing It Right, the first book is Horses for Writers.

Horses for Writers also opens up a new series (and a new way of doing things) for Shop.HollyLisle.Com. I’m actively pursuing writers who also have significant experience in another line of work or in a subject that writers frequently screw up when writing, to write short, concise Writing It Right Manual e-books for the store. These will run between 20,000 and 40,000 words, and though they’re solicited and will be packaged as part of a series, you’ll own all rights, and all clauses of the shop agreement will still apply. (Meaning if you get an offer from a major publisher to sell the book, I’ll pull it the day you request it.)

Sounds like a great opportunity for a journalist or a librarian to share their expertise. Holly already has recruited U.S. Military for Writers, and Photography for Writers and states she'd love EMTs for Writers, Cops for Writers, Lawyers for Writers, Doctors for Writers, Nurses for Writers, Artists for Writers … and so on.

Any takers?

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