Monday, July 24, 2006

Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

Title: Dragonfly in Amber

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Genre: Fantasy, Historical

Summary: Claire, a WWII field nurse, and her husband Jamie, a Scottish outlaw, take it upon themselves to stop the Jacobite rising in Paris.

The Take-Away: Less of a romance than the first. Jamie and Claire are still in love and the scenes between them are hot. But they have more important things to do, like keeping the Bonnie Prince Charlie from successfully funding his campaign.

Once in Paris, Jamie hires a young boy to be his pick pocket. The young boy quickly becomes a surrogate child to the couple. His appearance rounds out the story nicely, while providing insight as to the seedier side of life that Claire wouldn't know about.

This title starts in the present time, with Claire and her grown daughter returning to Scotland. The jump in timelines both threw and intrigued me, just as the line at the ending of the novel did.

Recommendation: Read it, but start with the first one.

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