Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dark Tort

Title: Dark Tort

Author: Diane Mott Davidson

Genre: Mystery

Summary: Goldie's young female neighbor is found dead inside the law firm that employed both of them. Goldie promises the victim's mother to find out what really happened.

The Take-Away: Perhaps it is because I read, rather than listened to this title, but the writing wasn't as good. It felt as thought I was being told a story quite a bit. Quite a few bits seemed like they should have been dialogue, but weren't. If I had been reading them, I would have thought that they were.

The recipes were, as always, fantastic. The characters remain true to themselves, but little personal growth is seen. I believe that this title, the 12th in the series, is merely a slump title, rather than a failure.

Recommendation: Read it, but realize that others in the series are better.

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