Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Can you see the hidden image?

To be effective, you do need to view the original here.

If it's painfully obvious that there's another image there, then you're probably colorblind to some degree in the red part of the spectrum. Can't see it? Try looking at the white space at either side of the image, you might be able to see the object by using your contrast-sensitive rods (which are concentrated more heavily in your peripheral vision). Don't give up if you can't see it, that's the whole point -- this is an *anti* colorblind test.

I can see the image and have always been able to see the ones at the doctor's office to some degree. My understanding is that colorblindness is more common in men than women because of the XY versus the XX. Two X's are supposed to cancel it.

Hmmm...a thought just occurred to me. Will my son be colorblind? Something to keep in mind at his next check-up.

Via collision detection

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