Monday, July 17, 2006

One Plus One Equals Seven

I'm bad at math, but not that bad.

In March, Ollie received a gift card for Petco. It isn't the weird birthday gift you might think it to be, since it's on his list. He likes fish; they don't wrap up well.

Anyway, he decided against fish and in favor of a pair of male gerbils. They were a great price (free) since they had an allergy to wood. Don't ask. I didn't either. We purchased a cosy condo, food and non-wood chew toys and failed to ask the all important question -- are they male or female?

Statistics and probability was against us. One male, named Luke Skywalker; one female, formerly named Bo Duke; progeny, currently unnamed.

Gerbils, anyone? They're really cute. One solid black, one tan with a white blotch, three that are brown with streaks of black. Yours for the taking, in another three weeks.

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