Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Kill by Allison Brennan

Title: The Kill

Author: Allison Brennan

Genre: Mystery

Summary: Olivia helped convict her sister's killer when she was only five years old. As she approaches 40, the man is released because his DNA doesn't match what was found at the crime scene 35 years ago.

The Take-Away: I really appreciated two things about Olivia's character. She tries to right what she sees as a wrong. She holds her five year old self accountable for placing the wrong many behind bars. But she also doesn't trust her gut instinct. Ever. She always needs the trace evident processed to make a decision.

Brennan pairs her with a local cop who trusts his gut and teaches her to do the same. The road is painful and Olivia underwent the most growth of the trilogy's characters.

Recommendation: Get it. But if you start here, you won't spoil any storylines in the previous two. Other than the romantic interest. But if you couldn't figure those out, you need to read more books with romance in them.

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