Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What I've Really Been Up To

My posting of original content has slacked off. Half of that is due to the number of books I read last month. Really, people, if I post 5 days of the week and read 12 books that only means I have to have thoughts on 8-10 regular days. Considering how often I steal ideas from other people, I don't even really need to do that.

In my will, I'm going to include a provision for someone to "own" my login name and password so all of those brillant posts I'm saving will finally be released. Won't that make the world a better place?

The other half for slacking on the original posting is well, I've been busy writing. Yeah, I know. A wannabe novelist spending time writing. But it's true. Here's the numbers to prove it.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
37,402 / 92,000

But that's not the cool thing. The cool thing is that Tonight I Broke the 100 Page Mark. Which is totally noteworthly and worth typing in all capital letters. If I had my super cool Excel tracking sheet in front of me, instead of my crib notes, I could tell you how many words I've written in April. Or this week. Or since the first of the year. Or since starting...oh, wait.

Thanks for letting me share. Not that you had a choice or anything.

What the hell is up with that funky graph? you ask. Well, I say, it's called styles and me not knowing how to adjust them inside of the blog post to get rid of the funky table lines that are ruining the brillance of it. I'll work on it. Maybe.

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