Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Alpine for you by Maddy Hunter

Title: Alpine for You

Author: Maddy Hunter

Genre: Mystery

Summary: A killer is running amok during a Senior's Tour and no one knows who is next.

The Take-Away: The plausibility of amateur detectives is difficult, if not impossible to pull off. Maddy Hunter does it well, even when confronted with the added challenge of making this title the first in a series.

The only stretch that didn't work was the romantic interest. Knowing that this is a series and that the next trip is to Ireland, I didn't believe that the MC would be falling for the detective.

Also, I had no idea that Iowians were so concerned about punctuality. I know a few who missed that memo.

Recommendation: Borrow it and be thankful that your vacation isn't a wild as this one proves to be.

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