Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Inspiration to Keep Trying

Larissa Ione has gone through hell, yet found The Value of Lemons

But finally, I got an editorial nibble with a manuscript submitted to Mills and Boon, where the editors liked it enough to request revisions. Then came another round of revisions. And line edits! This was IT! I just knew it. I worked my butt off to make that book perfect, and I sent it back to M&B in July of 2005.

In August of that same year, my life was turned upside-down by hurricane Katrina. I lost my house, most of my possessions, and several manuscripts that I hadn’t downloaded before evacuation. It was a devastating blow and the beginning of a nightmare that, to this day, has not ended.

I cannot wait to read one of her books. I've read various blog posts, but this one convinced me to add her to the list.

And not to give up. Thanks, Larissa.

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