Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Google Me

It's fun, it's easy. You'll find this blog and probably some comments I've made on the way. Oh, wait. Don't read that one.

Stop it, really. I was angry and it doesn't sound right.

I'm sure you are wondering which comment I mean, and there probably isn't a good example, but I'm trying to make a point here.

If you use your real name, or a known sobriquet, you will be found.

Agent Kristin wrote a fantastic post about this problem here.

The internet seems like a big, wide open space where one can be free to write one’s opinions.

Just remember, it’s not so big a world when you are using your real name.

It might not be Grandma or that eccentric aunt, but an agent or editor. Perhaps they are a lurker and you just queried them. Consequences, people.

The whole post is worthwhile and should be read before making any comment in anger or despair.

Or at least, convince you to start using a nickname.

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