Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Update on the Family

My husband still has a job since the fire that destroyed the warehouse didn't take the company down with it. As the summer draws to a close, sales are picking up again - always a good thing for the store and us. He finished all but the smallest details in refurbishing his boat. It looks great in blue with silver decals and numbers. Now it needs to sit for a week, preventing either of us from using it. The oldest is thrilled with the current exhibit at the Public Museum - "Pirates!" He and the youngest have taken to saying "Argh!" and "Aye, me hearties" in their very best pirate voices. No one has been asked to walk the plank. Yet. The youngest has really gotten into his routines. Any variance means that we show up early to daycare or the planned event. He has taken to saying "Sure" instead of "Yes" and "Umm" when he is thinking about it. Yesterday he answered a request for a hug with "Not now." He sounds more like his brother every day. I am still trying to hold everything together and get people to where they need to be. The story is coming along slowly as I spend precious writing time on reading. You'd think I'd be smart enough to read my own story and commit it to paper, but it is so much easier and tempting to read what others have written. My mother found a new job in the most unlikely of places - the same store as my husband. While this might seem like a recipe for disaster, it works rather well as they seldom interact as she is the office manager while he manages the sales staff and store front. In fact, we are pretty sure that she is ill, as she has complimented my husband a couple of times on his management abilities. Thomas is finally finding acceptance in our house. Other than this morning's antics of disappearing for a 30 minute bathroom break, he has been a good puppy. Elle likes him being around and peered anxiously out the window for him. I'm looking forward to the end of summer and a return of cooler weather, which always means time at the YMCA for swimming and other indoor activities like drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows. Best wishes to you as well.

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