Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Out of Town

My husband is out of town for the week. A big thanks to Sprint for helping us in reducing the finicially crippling roaming charges that we would have incurred, if they had not provided us with a solution. Unfortunately, they cannot help with explaining to a two year old why Daddy is suddenly at work all of the time. Said two year old continuallys inquires and must be frustrated by receiving the same answer. "Daddy's at work, honey. He'll be home soon." My husband usually does work a couple of nights a week, so the nights are generally okay. The difficult part is morning, when we typically trek to the bedroom to say goodbye to Daddy. So far he hasn't noticed that we have not done this for the last two days. Tonight might be difficult also. The five year old comes over. He knows and understands that Daddy is in Colorado. In all honesty, he is looking forward to having me to himself and Jonathon. We do things differently when Daddy isn't around, you see, as Daddy's tastes are different than mine. I can't remember when the three of us last spent the day together. So far the plan is to shop for Daddy's birthday present; I can't wait to see what sort of things the five year old comes up with. Oh, and go out for dinner at Perkins. It should be a fantastic night. I'll post tomorrow if I make it.

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