Monday, August 08, 2005

Antics of the Youngest

This weekend I was extremely motivated to work on my abs. My pants fit great in the rear and thighs, but often prove to be excruitating by the end of the day in the waist. I picked up a Pilates video that targets specific body parts in 10 minute segments. The segments can then be used separately or in combination through some built-in programming features. Pilates focuses on the torso and abs as the basis of all other exercises. The very first move learned is called the one hundred. If you aren't familiar with this move, this pictoral should give you an idea of what position your body should be in. What you don't see is in the third picture; the arms beat up and down towards the floor very quickly. Since I planned to only do the ten minute abs section, I figured that it wouldn't matter that my youngest was awake and in the same room as me. I was wrong. As I lay on the floor, attempting to keep my body in the position and move my arms, he lays down next to me, feet in the arm and beats his arms up and down too. He didn't know what game we were playing, but he sure thought it was fun.

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