Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Last week, Jory posted her usual thought-provoking and "wow, I was thinking the same thing, but not as wonderfully," post. I loved the post, as always. More striking though was the pattern of her mother being the first to post a comment. I commented on this phenomenon in relation to my own mother. My mother seldom reads my blog; a mixed blessing that I am thankful for. When I work on my novel(s) she hints to no end that she would like to read them, but I refuse. I'm not ready to show them to anyone; she too will have to wait. If she wants to read my writing that I am willing to share, she should come here, I believe. Jory was kind enough to send me an email of encouragement that I greatly appreciated. At the same time, it made me envy the relationship she has with her mother, but not as much as this post did. I love this explanation of her mother.

My mother is more open than most mothers. Not open like the mother and sex therapist I recently saw on Dr. Phil, who gives her son-in-law hives by patting him on the back and asking him if he's lubricating properly. My mother isn't quite like a Focker, but she'll listen to anything and not think it's all that outrageous. And believe me, over the years there have been doozies.
Jory reveals quite abit about herself and her mother in this posting. All of which goes to show how much trust we have for our readers. Update: Jory's mom started her own blog! Visit her at Joy of Six Welcome, aboard!

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