Monday, February 07, 2005

Psion Series 5 - Handheld Computer

I have several hypothesis, but no solid facts, as to why the Psion Series stopped being produced. Most of those hypothesis start in Redmond, Washington. I heard about the Psion from one of the forums at NaNo. I did some online research and decided that this was the next on my "must have" list. I decided to go with the series 5 based on the reviews I read and its availability on Ebay. After I won the auction and paid for my Psion, I waited anxiously for its arrival. I'm super impressed with its performance. The reviews I read were accurate. Even though it was made available in 1997, I was able to download the transferring software from the Psion website, making the back-up process complete. It's capabilities include "Word", "Spreadsheet", "Data", "Agenda" among other things. It has an eery resemblance to Microsoft, making it extremely user-friendly. Backing-up files to the hard drive of my desktop system was painless as well, once I had the correct program. Every file that I create on the Psion can be converted to be used on the desktop and back again. It works like a PDA with a stylus and non-existant boot-time, but functions like a desk-top system. I found a few FAQ sites, even though the Psion is out of production. Eric Lindsay's site is the most comprehensive and full of tips and tricks. File Save As has one as well. The common denominator for both is that they are outside of the US. The Psion, it seems, never really caught in the States. The keyboard is tiny and somewhat difficult to type on. I'm getting better at it though, the more I use it. NaNo 2005 is really going to rock on this little machine.

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