Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day...

...a day late. My significant other and I celebrated by exchanging gifts that were difficult to find. My birthday is in February; it's close to Christmas; we both own lots of junk. But he did a good job and I really like the candles he picked out. The great part is since he picked them out, I can use them when he is home. Normally I pick out ones that he is really allergic to and I never get to burn them. And he got me a bar set. Now when I'm mixing my white russian, I'll know what the measurements are. I did the "Movie Night" theme bag for him. I picked up Pirates of the Caribbean on DVD, a box of movie theater (extra buttery) popcorn, a couple of sodas and a six pack of his favorite candy bar. He was most appreciative as well. It becomes increasingly more difficult to buy gifts. Even when I get a gift card, I have a difficult time spending it. I usually end up getting stuff for the kids or the house and justify my frivolous purchase at a later date by saying that I used my gift card for diapers and toilet bowl cleaner. Hopefully the day meant loved ones and spending time together. That was the best part - watching a movie that we both like and sharing a tub of buttery popcorn.

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