Monday, February 21, 2005

My First Phishing Scam

On Friday, when I returned home after a hard day of work and checked my email, I received notice that my Union Planter's debit card account may have been compromised. Gee...this sounds familiar, but I don't have a Union Planter's debit card. Oh wait, I know why it sound familiar; it's the exact sort of phishing scam that everyone warns you about. I had never received spam like this before and found it amusing. It was quite through, looked like it was legitimate, except that I don't have a card from them. A quick Google search located that Union Planter is a real bank, but also being subject to the phish scam. The real Union Planters site has a link to a warning and what to do if you have received a phishing email. I also received an email confirming their receipt of my email and a "what to do" if personal information had been given. After having received, looked at, reviewed this particular phishing scam, I find it believable that someone might fall for it. But with all of the warnings, people should be smart enough to know that banks never ask for this sort of thing via email. It was a good chuckle for the end of the day.

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