Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Gmail to Give

Thanks to Fiat Lux of "If you don't have cable...", I'm the proud holder of a GMail account. And since I recorded the password and username this time, I'm able to use it for the off-site storage as I intended in the first place. This morning when I checked to make sure my batch of files arrived, I had a lovely surprise -- Invites! No one in my immediate circle of friends is dying for an invite, so I offer them instead to the readers of my humble site. The twist I offer to my readers is to post a comment reviewing your favorite book. I'll bestow invites upon those that tickle my fancy in some way, shape or form. I don't know what will do it, but I define why the winners win when they are chosen.


Fiat Lux said...

I trust you wrote down your username and password somewhere this time. Right?
I applaud your twist on adwarding invites to book reviews. You also get a gold star from me for declaring "I don't know what will do it, but I define why the winners win when they are chosen".
That's cool.

stay_c said...

Yeah, I added it to the list as I signed up. I pay as many bills as possible online, have various logins with work and websites (like book crossing) so I decided that my feeble memory needs a boost. I think I'm recovering from the memory lapses I suffered due to pregnancy, but now I am a mom and that reduces it further.

And I'm sure all of the caffienated beverages that I suck down during the day don't help either.