Tuesday, September 28, 2004

How to be a Girl: 101

While others would contend that I must have been a "perfect" student, I'm the first to admit that I day dreamed frequently in school. During one of these sessions, I must have missed the "How to be a Girl: 101" class. I've been one my entire life and never felt compelled to make others go to the bathroom when I do. I seldom consult two-three other members of my sex when making decisions that will impact the decor of my house. I don't see the need to flirt with every male in the area just to get my way. I don't feel the urge to say, "Oh my god, did you watch (blank) last night? I can't believe that (blank) happened!" I really hate it when people assume that I want to hear about their crappy day/life/job just because they have a need to vent. My solution is find what's wrong and fix it. If you can't do that, then that's the problem that needs to be fixed. Other women seem to be able to do these things without a problem. Either the class was optional or I slept through it.

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Prahagirl said...

I recall having this conversation with you over a cup of Chai at the Klatsch at one point....hmmm, oddly enough, I had had this same thought yesterday as I ate lunch with the faculty and the older girls were behaving just so. :O)