Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ranting about Sprint PCS

My husband got a new, better cell phone and plan when his contract expired. I weighed my options and discovered that if I canceled my Sprint PCS phone, I would save money by joining his plan with Alltel, even after the early termination fee was applied to my account.

So I found an excellent phone at Alltel that I really liked and switched to his plan. The next day I called Sprint, disconnect my phone, and confirmed my final bill amount.

The next month I received my email notice, like always. I attempted to logon, mainly to make sure that what they told me the final amount would be matched what the statement said. No dice. My log-in had been disabled.

I deleted the message, and figured that I would receive a paper statement.

I didn't. Earlier this month, I received a call from Sprint, asking when I was going to pay the final billing. My bill is outstanding by three months. I explained that I would be happy to make a payment if they could get me a bill.

So now I wait.

Really, should it be this difficult to get your bill?


Dee said...

Hi Stacie,

No it shouldn't be that difficult, but hang in there!

I just stopped by to say hi to a fellow SORMAG Blog Tour Host.


slpenney said...

I did finally get a copy. And promptly called and requested that late charges be removed, since it wasn't my fault. They were and I'm almost done with them.

Thanks for stopping by!