Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Open Season by C J Box

Title: Open Season

Author: C.J. Box

Genre: Mystery

Summary: Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett is having a bad month. A dead body is found on his wood pile, his daughter is dreaming of monsters and his judgmental mother-in-law comes for a visit. If it wasn't enough having find a murderer, Joe is being warned off the case from several angles.

The Take-Away: This was a decent start to the series. Joe is a man of few words so most of the story is conveyed through his thoughts and actions, as well as his daughter Sheridan. The pace isn't break-neck fast, but a steady beat that has a variety of curveballs.

Joe's life is probably much like yours. Just when it seems like things are looking up, life knocks your foundation out from under you. Joe keeps a level head, and a gun in his truck (but only uses it when the situation calls for it.) While he explains his lack of words, I did get a bit frustrated. In one scene especially, I wanted him to stand up and take control. At the very least, to confront the guy that was firing him. Joe rolled with the punches, however, and bides his time.

Joe's daughter Sheridan almost stole the show. She is a charming character and well-written for her youth. The scenes with her kept my attention better than the scenes with Joe.

His mother-in-law is a woman that I'm going to enjoy hating, I think. She played a small role here, but if she returns, things could get really nasty between her and Joe.

Recommendation: There are several books in the series and this one has a promising start. I'm checking out the next one.

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