Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Pickle Boy has been having nightmares lately. About frogs. They jump all over him and he wakes up crying.

We're not sure what triggered the nightmares, as he's never really had them before, he's a good sleeper (you can have a party in the room next to his, as long as it starts after he fell asleep.) He will be four this summer, so it's not the generic night terrors that two years sometimes get.

His father and I don't have a solution, but Ollie, now seven, did.

"Just change your dream. When they jump on you, pull out your light saber and fight them like this." Picture Stars Wars-like Jedi moves.

It just might work.

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Kelly Parra said...

My son started having nightmares about that time too. He's seven and still has them. Not every night, but it's usually because he's too warm or too much TV time. I'm waiting for him to grow out of them! :)