Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Truth About NaNo Day One

7:24 -- Word Count: 0. Husband leaves for work

7:49 -- Word Count: 658. I realize that I didn't post to my blog and log in to correct the mistake. I chat with a friend who's doubling as cheerleader and promise to check back to read her author answers.

8:07 -- Word Count: 658. Start writing again.

9:26 -- Word Count: 2,648. This is awesome. My personal goal is 2,381 for each writing day (since past experience has told me that my life makes it impossible for me to write 1,667 words every day for 30 days. It sounds nice but doesn't work for me.) I decide to take a break, clean up the kitchen and check in with the cheerleader. Maybe her blog will be posted and the author answers will have some awesome insight for me. Since I took vacation today, I need to hit at least 7,000. 10,000 would be better. I'm burning vacation time for this after all.

10:29 -- Word Count: 2,648. Start writing again. I did dishes and cleaned up the kitchen in general. Since our neighbor's trees and our tree have lost almost all of their leaves, I thought I'd mow the lawn. Physical activity is alway a good thing for my writing process. But the lawn mower isn't cooperating. My hands reek of gasoline, so I'm off to wash them and return to finish the scene that I left Rebecca (not Becky) in. Poor thing, she's walking into a social trap. Her best friend does have her back though.

11:48 -- Word Count: 4,827. Time for a lunch break and an episode of Veronica Mars. My word count is pretty much where I want it to be. I'm done with "Day Two" and starting on "Day Three." The trick, I've found, is to ride the wave of enthusiasm as much as possible in the first week.

1:09 -- Word Count: 4,827. Start writing again. I have about two hours until Ollie is dropped off.

1:54 -- Word Count: 5,909. I'm going slower and slower. My brain is just about mush. Another 100 words and I'm taking a break.

2:00 -- Word Count: 6,052. I'm taking a break.

2:22 -- Word Count: 6,052. Start writing again. I'm thinking that if I don't hit 7,000 by the time Ollie gets here, I'm done for the afternoon.

3:02 -- Word Count: 7,270. Or 21 pages. In all, a success for today. Now I'm going to see how well the NaNo site is working and try to upload my file to verfy how different the word counters are this year.

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