Monday, November 20, 2006

Dead Sleep by Greg Isles

Title: Dead Sleep

Author: Greg Isles

Genre: Thriller

Summary: A series of paintings, worth millions, depict women that are assumed to be alive, until one is connected with a missing persons case.

The Take-Away: Isles story telling and character development is strong, even though this is one of his early titles. It did stretch my imagination further than it was willing to go, especially when the murderer is discovered. (I don't want to give it way, but it felt a bit deus ex machina for my tastes.)

I would have liked to see more of the MC's family. It was left undeveloped, in part I believe, because she was a twin of the missing woman. It was complicated for the kids and the husband to deal with XXX looking so much like the woman missing from their lives. I wonder if it had been left out, if it would have mattered. The couple of scenes that were present left more, not less, questions in my mind.

Recommendation: Decent, but his later books are better.

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