Friday, June 23, 2006

Pale Immortal by Anne Frasier

Title: Pale Immortal

Author: Anne Frasier

Genre: Fantasy

Summary: An old legend returns to Tuonela, WI, when the body of a high school student is found in the town square. Evan Stroud is the town's suspect, while the police are finding evidence that gives credence the rumors.

The Take-Away: Evan's problems are compound by an illness called porphyria. High school kids use Evan as the butt of jokes and dares. Evan uses his disease to see the side of Tuonela that few others do. He rooms the town at night, when it is safe for him.

Evan isn't the only haunted person in Tuonela. Rachel Burton has returned and fears the visions of a woman named Victoria. Graham has been threatened his entire life with "If you aren't good, I'll take you to Tuonela to live with your father." His mother made good on the promise and dropped him at Evan's door.

Evan, Rachel and Graham are thrown together in unusual circumstances and supported by a variety of minor characters. Each has vital role in the return of the Pale Immortal.

I read through the first 145 pages without even realizing I had finished more than a third of the book. I read the last half of the book slower, mostly because of my over-active imagination made the most of the terror and turned my shadowy bedroom into a part of Old Tuonela.

Even at the end of the book, I wanted more. The temporary problem of murder is solved, but not the personal struggles of Evan, Rachel and Graham. The characters are long-lasting. I hope that a sequel is planned.

Recommendation: Buy it in September.

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