Wednesday, June 21, 2006

How Was Your Day Yesterday?

I'm traveling for work this week, which is always a hoot. One, because I love to see new places, meet new people, and plot ideas that both will fit into what I'm working on next. Two, because the co-worker I'm travelling with is a riot and so much fun in general that even though it's work, it's a vacation too.

But there is the inevitable downtime and the martini bar hadn't started yet, so I was catching up with blogs and emails (both the working kind and the non-working kind.) when I had a heart attack. Just on this side of an actual one.

Did I mention that I'm in Pittsburgh, PA?

If you been reading The Lipstick Chronicles as you should be (see this post,) you'd realize that Sarah Strohmeyer, of the Bubbles Fame, is IN Pittsburgh, at Joseph Beth.

What are the chances?

Not only was Sarah there, but Nancy Martin.

Pardon me while I gush. They were the nicest people. The reading was wonderful. Sarah was hysterical, so was Nancy and various others who were there and knew the two. I honestly could go on and go on about how much fun I had. Instead I'll recommend you pick up the Cinderella Pact, Sarah's newest book. Her publisher sprang for sparkles. Seriously, people what more do you want?

Oh, and get this. Thanks you, my readers, my blog sends enough traffic over there, that I could introduce myself as "Stacie Penney, from Raspberry-Latte" and they knew who I was. I get to tell them the crazy coincedental story of my travels and how I blew off dinner with a sales rep who will do good things for my company. (Thank god for great co-workers.)

How awesome is that? Seriously.

As a thank you, to you, the reader, I'm going to give a way a copy of Sarah's new book, the Cinderella Pact. Leave a comment and check back on Monday. I'll draw a name from the hat and post it then.

Yesterday was a great day.

And I still managed to make it to the business function afterwards that I blew off to go to the bookstore instead. (Sorry about that, Kevin. But you were fun too.)

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