Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I Love the Sound of Deadlines

Douglas Adams said it so much better than I did though. "I love deadlines. Especially the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

I heard one on Sunday. I missed, for the first time in a month, my weekly goal of 3,750. I made my monthly goal of 15,000 words a month early.

I'm keeping my weekly goal the same, but I'll need an extra 426.25 words a week to make up for the week I missed. Dammit though, that was a great sound the headline made as it flew over. I always wanted to know what it sounded like.

So, last week closed with:

At 6:30 tonight I was here:

or an increase of 1,426 words.

I missed yesterday's goal too, so I need 1,500 before I am back on track for this week.

Real life keeps interfering. Jo wants to know if she's going to get laid anytime soon. Jo, by the by, is the main character of "Choices" the word count of which is illustrated nicely in my side bar.

Okay. I'm going to stop yammering now. At 7:10 I'll give you another update.

At 7:10 tonight I was here:

or an increase of 841 words.

Why is the second half hour less productive than the first half hour? It's, like, so not fair! (foot stomping and various other childish behavior.)

I feel better now. Was that enough of a reward or should I check my email? I know I have some articles in there that I'd love to read.

Hmm...read articles or get Jo out of this horrid meeting?

Oh, the possibilities.(clue evil laughter and maniacal rubbing of the hands.

I'll let you know tomorrow which won.

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